What We Do

Here at James Edward, we assist emerging growth businesses become successful and sustainable by helping our clients navigate the complex world of business modelling and planning, strategy, finance and capital markets.

About Us

James Edward was founded in 2002 with the mission to assist emerging-growth businesses navigate the complex world of business planning, strategy, finance and capital markets. Experienced entrepreneurs ourselves, we have assembled and offer the required skills to build successful and sustainable businesses. James Edward provides its services through a combination of principals and associates and a network of legal, accounting, tax, engineering, underwriting, marketing, investor relations, public relations, operational professionals, creative experts and business strategists.



(B.Sc., M.Sc., Founder & Chairman)

Mr. Power is a senior finance and technology executive with over 40 years of industry experience founding, financing, and/or participating in the start-up teams of a number of successful companies.

He carries the torch of Executive Chairman for James Edward, focusing on disruptive emerging growth businesses in a variety of sectors. Bringing like-minded people together, who share aligned goals, and securing lasting partnerships is the cornerstone of his personal mission. He is a hands-on investment banker and touches all James Edward mandates.

Mr. Power has founded and/or has participated in the start-up teams of several successful companies including Xicom Technologies Corporation (Co-founder), Corel Systems Corporation (member of founding team), Newbridge Networks Corporation (member of founding team), Nuvo Network Management Inc. (Founder), Steppingstone Capital Corporation (Founder) and James Edward Capital Corporation (Founder). Mr. Power is the President of Ekin Capital Corporation, a private family-office and Chairman of BBCanada Online Canada Inc.

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