Our business advisory services help enhance the value of our clients’ businesses by working with the Board and management in a number of situations. We are comfortable working with companies in a variety of circumstances, such as early stage growth, expansion, spin-off and restructuring situations, including turnarounds and “rightsizing”.

We build management and Board strength in a variety of ways. We source seasoned independent Board members and/or managers whose expertise will add value. We sit on clients’ Boards ourselves, and sometimes act as interim senior managers. Our principals have experience investing in and advising many private and public companies. Leveraging our experience we provide clients with realistic and effective strategies that deliver measurable results.

The most important factor in building and sustaining a successful business is a qualified and dedicated management team. It is a regular feature of business life, however, that companies experience management gaps. James Edward can fill those gaps. Our professionals routinely step into businesses and act as CEO, CFO, EVP Sales and EVP Marketing. Interim management provides stabilization, continuity and advancement for companies in transition.

Financial Corporate Restructuring

Companies in financial difficulty often have no cash management or asset financing strategy. Many companies use their operating lines to fund all activities of the business including fixed assets. Their cash flow analysis and forecasting capabilities are often incomplete and consequently they do not manage their borrowing in line with the natural cycle of their business and/or the life of their asset base.

James Edward does not function as monitors, receivers or bankruptcy trustees. Our financial and corporate restructuring expertise resides in enhancing the value of assets and in structuring and executing a financial plan and corporate organization that will ensure sustainable growth and value creation.

Corporate Strategy and Management

James Edward will assist management in the development and implementation of corporate strategy. Such plans may include product strategy, financing strategy, capital markets strategy, merger and acquisition strategy, and shareholder succession and exit strategies. We have helped management in a number of practical ways including providing strategic and operational management advice, working as hands-on interim managers, or providing consulting and mentoring services to management.

Our principals have helped clients:
  • Enhance management systems and results
  • Source proven senior managers
  • Develop strategic and annual operating plans and monitor performance against these
  • Analyze product-market viability and customer buying behaviour
  • Enhance marketing and sales systems
  • Enhance financial systems
  • Build and execute strategic Investor Relations and Capital Market programs
  • Build and execute strategic M&A and capitalization programs

Enhancing Boards and Governance

James Edward realizes the critical roles a strong, independent Board and good governance play in a company’s success.

To facilitate achieving these for our clients, we:
  • Accept directorships on some clients’ Boards
  • Putting to work our expertise in governance, Board processes, public markets, management and corporate finance on behalf of our clients
  • Source proven Board members for clients, matching the Board members’ expertise with the clients’ needs
  • From time to time, advise Boards on issues of governance, strategy and Board dynamics